Welcome to Shamsher’s (Diane Bunting’s) website.

Shamsher offers classes, events and private consultations in the practice of the ancient art of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Through the practice of Kundalini yoga we have the delightful opportunity to step into a tradition that creates physical health, calms the mind and nourishes the sole. Based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini yoga and meditation guides us through physical poses, breath techniques, mantra, meditation and deep relaxation.

Please visit the Kundalini Class Schedule to view the current class offerings.

Anticipate a life-refining experience.

Shamsher may be contacted at: (253) 853-5221. Shamsher will be happy to discuss your needs, concerns and areas of interest.

            Shamsher is a 3HO Kundalini Teachers Association (IKYTA) certified            teacher with 40+ years of experience.


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  1. Sat Nam, Anniece. Thanks so much for your interest in future updates on the Kundalini Yoga classes / workshops / weekend gatherings that I am graced to facilitate. Please email me at: shamsher.diane@gmail.com with your request & I will include you on my email notification list.
    Gratitude & Love, Diane / Shamsher

  2. Cruising Kundalini NW and saw your listing. I’m looking for a destination yoga/”life-refining” workshop/ sometime this year. As you plan and announce, I would like to be added to your E-list so I might have a chance to reserve a spot. Thank you. Blessings, Anniece

  3. Hello Diane,

    I would love to try Kundalini yoga. I have been working out at Innovative Fitness in Gig Harbor since October, and feel physically ready. My friend Christine Anderson mentioned you area of expertise (she sends love). Also, I am a WordPress expert at your service!

    Don Powell

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