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Diane/Shamsher is now teaching online live Stream Zoom classes. Please visit the class schedules to view current Weekly class offerings to view current Weekly class offerings.

ANG SANG WAHE GURU May every cell be permeated with the Radiance of

Healing and Love.

For additional information about seasonal class series and international pilgrimages, please contact Diane/Shamsher at: [email protected]

Anticipate a life-refining experience.

Come discover why physicians and other health care providers are recommending yoga as one of the wellness tools for our times. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation combines the physical yoga practice with breath techniques for emotional stress relief and with meditation for mental balancing.

This yoga meets us wherever we are in our lives.  It’s not about doing the perfect posture, but rather about how we can relax into our tightness and limitations with kindness and persistence.

Diane Bunting (Shamsher) will guide you with care and wisdom, giving variations as needed so all can find both comfort and health improvement.

Diane Bunting (Shamsher Kaur), M.S. is a KRI-certified Yoga instructor with 44 years yoga experience.  She has taught more than 11,000 hours of Kundalini Yoga over the past 25 years.  Drawing from her Masters of Science & her love for the poetry of Body/Spirit, she delights in sharing of this practice.


Self-Healing Connection